Friday, June 29, 2007

Tech Jargon

Two days ago, I was chatting with a lady ( lets call her Mary ) in the HR department.I was about to conclude the conversation
Me : I have to go now , Mary, I am scheduled to interview a guy.
Mary : Why don't you take up some of my work and let me interview the guy ?
Me : You can do an interview on "penetration testing" ??

Mary goes red in the face, looks embarrassed, and returns to her desk without replying.I wonder why.
Later in the day I realized . To the uninitiated, "penetration testing" seems to have a generous helping of sexual connotation.

I emailed her a wikipedia link which explains penetration testing :-)

Moral of the story: Do not use tech jargon in day to day life

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Fatal_error said...

WOW this one is gud.Thanx 4 advice.